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2st International Workshop on 

Agricultural and Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems 

in conjunction with The 2014 International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications (ICCSA 2014), June 30-July 3, 2014, in Guimaraes, Portugal

Program Chairs:

  • Sandro Bimonte, Irstea , France
  • Florence Le Ber, ENGES, France
  • André Miralles, Irstea, France
  • François Pinet, Irstea, France

Program Committee:

  • Jason Papathanasiou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Nikos Manouselis, Agro-Know Technologies, Greece
  • Beniamino Murgante, University Of Basilicata, Italy
  • Michel Schneider, LIMOS, France
  • Nazha Selmaoui-Folcher, University of New Caledonia
  • Mete Celik, University Kayseri, Turkey
  • Petraq Papajorgji, European University of Tirana
  • Maguelonne Tesseire, Irstea, France
  • Thierry Badard, University of Laval, Canada
  • Yvan Bédard, University of Laval, Canada
  • Valéria Cesário Times, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Raffaeta Alessandra, University of Venezia, Italy
  • Stephane Roche, University of Laval, Canada
  • Michela Bertolotto, University College Dublin, Ireland
  • Franck Ravat, IRIT, France
  • Jérôme gensel, Laboratoire d’Informatique de Grenoble, France
  • Jean-Pierre Chanet, Irstea, France
  • Eliseo clementini, University of L’Aquila, Italy
  • J.C. Thill, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA
  • Monica Sebillo, University of Salerno, Italy
  • Omar Boucelma, LSIS, France
  • Sylvie Daniel, Laval University, Canada
  • Thérèse Libourel, LIRMM, France
  • Laurent D’Orazio, LIMOS, France
  • Sandro Bimonte, Irstea , France
  • Frederic Flouvat, University of New Caledonia, New Caledonia
  • André Miralles, Irstea, France
  • François Pinet, Irstea, France

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